Tahira – Death Animation Breakdown

Welcome to 2014 everyone! We’re back in the office and working hard. To start the year off we’ve got a new animation for you.

Watch Peter C hamming it up for one the Claw’s death animations.

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    • Andrew Micallef says:

      Very nice acting there Pete 😛

      That little animation had a resemblence to the sprites in Age of Empires II, in particular the way that the last motion is that of the sword going down. That said, I’m going to feel bad cutting through swathes of goons in this game because each time I’m going to see the anguish in Petes face as he falls down 🙁

    • Peter Castle says:

      Haha, don’t worry man, The Claw (this character) is one of the good guys 🙂

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