Voice Actor Required for Game Trailer

Character Details:

Name: Baruti

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: North African

Age: 55

Baruti is an experienced warrior and General of Avestan’s (a small medieval kingdom) Army.

He is a strong character, used to leading and commanding men. He’s experienced the worst that humanity is capable of, but has not let it change his sense of right and wrong. He does have a softer more fatherly side and has taken on the role of uncle for his king’s daughter, princess Tahira.

Baruti_Ports_BaseBaruti_Ports_Half_Smile Baruti_Ports_Quest_Conc Baruti_Ports_Shout_Angry

Voice Direction:

We’re looking for a big, deep, interesting voice, with either a neutral accent or an accent that would be at home in Northern Africa. The voice should be charismatic and effortlessly commanding. Think James Earl Jones playing Mufasa in The Lion King.

Feel free to send through as many ideas as you want.

Audition Lines:

Princess Tahira, your solitude is a luxury your people can no longer bear. A vast army sweeps across the land, seeking to reach a place amongst the stars once more. You are the last of your lineage, the last Great Conduit.

Will you remain aloof and abandon your people, or will you stand with us and fight? Will you help your people despite their faults, and develop the power within yourself? Do not be afraid, the fight is not yours alone.

Recording Details:

Recording will take place in January; we are ready to go once we have the right voice. We have a recording studio in Canberra booked. We are looking to record 11 lines for Baruti. The recording session shouldn’t take longer than 1-2 hours.

Payment Details:

The successful Applicant will be paid $100 for the role (negotiable). There is the possibility of further work depending on the success of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Application Requirements:

You must either be based in Canberra, be happy to travel to Canberra or have the capacity to professionally record your own voice work. We would consider covering the travel expenses of the right applicant. We can provide accommodation for anyone who does need to travel.

We need all applications in by January the 18th. The sooner the better though.

Please send audio of you performing the audition lines to peterc@whalehammergames.com

Use the subject line – Baruti Voice Actor Application – followed by your name.

State where you are based and any other pertinent information. Phone recordings are fine, but please try and make it a clear recording.

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