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Lead Writer Peter Castle and Lead Artist Peter Simpson sat down with the fine folks at Final Round Gaming to talk about Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire. You can read the full interview here.

Tell us the basics of your game world? Where are we?

Peter Castle (Writer):  The game is set in a far-flung future, roughly a thousand years after the collapse of the Astral Empire.  The Empire spanned a large part of the universe and represented the peak of humanity’s technological innovations.

On the planet that our story takes place, civilisation is still reeling from the Empire’s disintegration, and most of the population lives in isolated medieval kingdoms. A huge amount of knowledge has been lost, including the ability to use Empire technology.  Its use required a particular genetic trait that was added artificially. Very few people still have this trait, rendering what remains of the Empire’s technology largely useless and the people who can use it valuable.

Who is Tahira? What is her influence on the story?

Peter Castle (Writer):  Tahira is the very reluctant princess of a small and fairly unimportant kingdom called Avestan, which she runs away from before we pick up her story in the game. She returns home to find Avestan besieged by a mysterious army who are claiming to be descendants of the Astral Empire.  Left without a choice the situation pushes her into a leadership role she doesn’t want, as she attempts to lead and protect what is left of her people.

Read the Full interview here.

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